Rebates and incentives for going solar.

Rebates & Incentives

You can enjoy up to a 44% rebate on your system when you go solar. It pays to catch rays!

PA Sunshine Rebate: 14%

Pennsylvania passed a very aggressive solar energy program in May 2009. The program is one of the best in the country and has been very successful. The current rebate level is $.75 per watt (approx 14% of system costs). This fourth and final tier will be fully reserved by the spring of 2011. Lock in your rebate now with a solar design from SunPrime Energy. You have a full year to install your system.

Federal Tax Credit: 30%

The Federal Government is also promoting Solar Energy with a 30% tax credit through 2016. The credit covers expenses for components and installation directly associated with the PV system. The tax credit may be carried over succeeding years until 2016 if the credit exceeds federal tax liability. You could pay zero taxes when you put in a solar system!

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC): $225 per 1,000 KWh

Your solar system provides electricity for your home or building. Even after you have used the electricity, you also get paid for generating power from the sun. Pennsylvania has passed the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards, which requires electric companies to produce increasing amounts of energy from solar power. The electric companies can produce their own or buy Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) from solar system owners. SRECs from a typical system can generate more than $2,400 per year. The SRECs are actually worth more than the electricity from a solar sSystem. SRECs are sold on an open SREC market. In January 2011, SRECs were selling for an average of $225 each.

Net metering

Pennsylvania utilities (PECO, PPL, Met-Ed, etc.) are required by law to provide net metered billing. Net metering is used when your PV system is producing more energy than your home can use. Instead of being wasted, this excess energy is pushed back onto the utility grid for someone else to use. You essentially get a credit for each kWh of energy that is pushed back onto the grid. You can use this credit when your home is using more energy than the PV system can generate, such as during cloudy weather or overnight. This is referred to as 'net metering' because you only have to pay for the net amount of energy your home uses from the grid (total energy used from the grid minus your credits). If you have unused kWh credits at the end of the month, your utility will keep track of those and pay you for them once a year at the full retail rate.

Advantages of a Photovoltaic System

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